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Monday, September 23, 2013

Haul First Impressions/Swatches: Hard Candy, Maybelline, PF, & Covergirl

Maybelline - Define-A-Brow: Dark Blonde

without flash

with flash

So I used a little of my old brow pencil
(Rimmel in Sable) just in the arch to kindof
fade it out.

**I really like this pencil so far. It seems to be a nice color and have a pretty smoothe texture. I like that it is retractable too! BUT mine isn't seeming to go back down. So, I'm not sure if its just mine... or....? Let me know if your's does that too!

Physician's Formula - Shimmer Strips: Vegas Strip / Light Bronzer

with flash

without flash

L to R: Bottom, all mixed together, top
without flash

L to R: Bottom, all mixed together, top
with flash

**I really like this product, too! I HIGHLY doubt that I'll be using it as a bronzer or blush as the back suggests. It says you can also use it as an eyeshadow which I can see myself doing. But I think I'll be using it for a cheek highlight the majority of the time, though. Its just so pretty! Has a really smoothe texture, too. I applied it with the Real Techniques Blush Brush so I didn't get it too packed on, I wanted it to be pretty subtle. :)

Covergirl - Cheekers: Rock 'n Rose

without flash

with flash

I compared it to another of my favorite blushes
(Nyx in Peach) so you can see that its
a medium to darker type of shade.

 **This product is a little iffy to me. I LOVE the color, don't get me wrong! But the formula is so weird. When you swatch it on your finger its kindof pigmented, but then when you transfer it to swatch on your hand its so sheer! BUT then when you use a brush you have to be REALLY careful not to get too much otherwise it looks like you have a rash on your face or rosacea or something! But I guess I learned that the hard way and had to wipe it out and reapply foundation and then do the blush REALLY lightly LOL. Oh well, it was cheap and I like the color, so I'll live with it. :)

Hard Candy - All Lid Up: Fancy Pants


without flash


L to R
Top: L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Iced Latte,
Maybelline Color Tattoo Pressed Pigments Eyeshadow in Barely Brazen

Bottom: Hard Candy All Lid Up Cream Eyeshadow in Fancy Pants,
Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Barely Beige

with flash

L to R
Hard Candy All Lid Up Cream Eyeshadow in Fancy Pants
Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Barely Beige
L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Iced Latte,
Maybelline Color Tattoo Pressed Pigments Eyeshadow in Barely Brazen,

Applied to eye without a primer

**I like this product. IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPARKLE then will NOT like this shade! I'm not sure if the other shades in this line are as sparkley as this, so you'll have to look. I pretty much just saw this shade, grabbed it, and left. I didn't really take time to look at the other colors LOL. I do absolutely love the formula and texture of this, though. Its so creamy and long lasting just like the Maybelline Color Tattoos! I also really like the packaging. It reminds me of the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows, in that it isn't heavy glass, and it has a lid inside to keep the product from drying out. LOVE THIS! Have to check out the other colors! :)

Maybelline - Eyestudio Quad: Fall Temptation (Limited Edition)




Hard Candy All Lid Up Cream Eyeshadow in Fancy Pants (LID)
1st shade in quad (BROWBONE HIGHLIGHT)
2nd shade in quad (INNER CORNER)
3rd shade in quad (CREASE & MIDDLE LOWER LASHLINE)
4th shade in quad (OUTER "V" & OUTER LOWER LASHLINE)

**I LOVE THESE FREAKIN' QUADS!! They're sooooo buttery and pigmented that you barely even have to dip your brush in! Which means you aren't using a ton of product, so I guess that compensates for the slightly smaller than normal pan sizes! Can't say anything bad about these except that they need to come out with MORE MORE MORE!! :)

 Maybelline - Master Smoky: Provence Plum (Product only says NEW, not LIMITED EDITION, so I'm not 100% sure.)


with flash - rolled up all the way

Left - Smudged with finger NOT SPONGE
Right - Straight swatch

without flash
Left - Smudged with finger NOT SPONGE
Right - Straight swatch

with flash

Just used on the upper lash line as a regular eyeliner

**I definitely like this product, but I think it's marketed oddly. It says you're supposed to use the little smudger sponge to smudge it out and make it look "smoky". Well, if you use that, it completely takes away the product and rubs it off. So I would just let it set for a few seconds and just use your finger. The heat from your finger will help with blending it out and isn't so harsh as a sponge, giving you a smoother smudge... LOL I hope that's not too confusing! But I really do love this color, but since the tip is a little too big to apply a thinner line on the upper lash line, I had to use a smaller brush. I used the Sigma Eyeliner E11. They probably have a really similar color from their Master Drama line which I didn't even think to check, but I liked applying it with the brush because I could get it more precise anyways! :)

Hard Candy - Glossaholic Lip Gloss: Creamsicle


without flash

with flash

**As I mentioned in the video, I already have THREE other colors from this line. I looooooove this lipgloss formula! It lasts for HOURSSSS!!! It really is amazing and all the colors are so pretty. But they don't really have any that AREN'T sparkely/glittery/duochromey LOL. But the glitters in it aren't gritty or chunky at all so it doesn't feel like you have sand on your lips! Which is always a nice thing! These are my favorite lipglosses IN. THE. WORLD. :)

So here's the finished look! Almost did a full face with all these products! Just left out foundation, concealer, and mascara! But I'm EXTREMELY happy to say that I love EVERYTHING!

Also, as I mentioned in my haul video, I WILL be doing a review of the Anti-Itch Plus stuff I bought for my lips (but I have to say that right now it's working pretty well! shhhh!)

I will also be doing a review on the Ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment! I'm going to be doing that after I bleach my hair, so we'll REALLY get to see if its magic or not!

I'm also going to do another mani post on the Revlon nail polish I mentioned in the haul!

AAAAAAAAAND I'm going to be doing some more FOTD's with that Kat Von D palette! (Is it sad that I've had it for like a couple of weeks and haven't gotten around to using it on my eyes yet?!)


I love you all sooooooooo much <3

xoxo Brandi

Friday, September 20, 2013

FOTD #1: Bright Fall Eyes


Eyeshadows shown above
Maybelline Gel Liner in Blackest Black
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
Nyx Photoloving Primer in Clear
Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfecter
ELF All Over Color Stick in Apricot Beige
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Ultra Light
Hard Candy Lite Bright Whipped Brightening Concealer in Light
Tarte Cheek Stain in Sunkissed
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Natural
Too Faced Bronzed & Poreless Pore Perfecting Bronzer
Nyx Powder Blush in Peach
Maybelline Eyestudio Single Eyeshadow in Vanilla (Used as highlight)
ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Nude Pink

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review/Swatches: Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book


"A mesmerizing 24-pan eye shadow book of rich, spellbinding shades that harmoniously pair to create endless looks. Each set of shades can be paired together to create perfectly layered looks reminiscent of old school shade-shifters. The shadows glide on effortlessly to blend and layer seamlessly. Each of the rich, creamy colors is formulated with a high-pigment load for incredible payoff with just one swipe. Experience incredibly long-lasting crease-free color with shades won’t budge or flake—this is the same great formula that Kat Von D is known for. Together, they’re the perfect mix of neutral shades and bold pops of color in a beautiful box featuring Kat’s original artwork. This palette is the perfect gift for any makeup lover or yourself. It is formulated without parabens. These potent shadows are infused with rose extract to keep the skin around eyes hydrated."

Photos & Swatches: (click on photos to make them larger if you'd like a closer look)

Front of cover

Inside of palette

Top/inside of palette showing 3 different looks

Bottom/inside of palette with plastic cover
ontop showing the names (w/out flash)

Bottom/inside of palette w/out plastic cover (with flash)

Bottom/inside of palette w/out plastic cover (w/out flash)

Back of palette showing how to mix the shades

Close-up of instructions

Top: Precious - This color is in the Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition Palette from two years ago.
Its a soft, pinky beige color with shimmer. Nice pigmentation and texture.

Bottom: Dark Throne - This is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
Its a soft, medium charcoal color that is almost matte, but has the tiniest bit of sheen. Had to layer this one a little bit.
Top: 8 Bit - This is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
Its a medium, jade jewel tone with a little bit of a gold sheen to it.
Pretty buttery and nicely pigmented.

Bottom: Sunset Blvd - This is in the Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition Palette from two years ago.
Its a sunny, yellow-gold shade with a slightly gritty texture due to the glitter. I would love this shade a lot more if it was much smoother, but you kind of have to work with this shadow a bit to get it looking nice.

Top: Oddfellow - This shade is in the Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition Palette from two years ago.
Although this in another palette, it is different from it. In the older palette, there isn't any fuchsia glitter in it.
I've never been the biggest fan of this shade because the glitter doesn't really transfer when you swatch it or put it on your eye. It just looks like a matte black with a little bit of silver sparkles. I wish it looked as pretty on the eyes as it does in the pan!

Bottom: Holy Bible - This shade is in the Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition Palette from two years ago, and in the Sinner palette.
This shade is a sheer, very pale silver color. I wish it applied more opaque, but it works for a highlight, too.

Top: Stupid Autocorrect - This shade is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
Its a light dusty rose color, with a slight silver sheen to it. The texture is really smoothe, and its decently pigmented.

Bottom: Instaglam - This shade is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
Its a very light lilac/silver shade with shimmer. This applies soooo smoothe!

Top: Cry Later - This shade is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
Its a medium chestnut brown with silver and gold sparkle. Applies fairly well, too.

Bottom: Smile Now - This shade is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
This is a medium peachy beige with a really unique pale pink duochrome. Never seen a shade like this! This shade is literally like butter, too. :)

Top: Bukowski - This shade is in the Angeles palette.
Its a medium muted jewel tone blue with a little tint of green. This shadow is really smoothe!

Bottom: Queen - This is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
This is a reddish brown/green duochrome shade that a few other companies have done, and I believe she has a single of this color available, as well. This shade is one of the butteriest in the palette!

Top: Piaf - This is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
Its just your average smokey medium gray color with shimmer. Nothing really special, I'd say. But its a nice color to have and he pigmentation/texture is fairly exceptional.

Bottom: Babe - This is in the True Love palette, and in the Poetica palette.
Its a lavender color with a slight blueish sheen. This shade can be kindof sheer, and you have to work with it.

Top: Fallen - This shade is in the Starstruck quad.
This is THE MOST SMOOTHE AND PIGMENTED SHADE IN THIS PALETTE! Its a beautiful medium golden brown with shimmer. Omg... I just... love it. :)

Bottom: Geek - This is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
Its similar to Smile Now but matte, and without the light pink duochrome/shift. Very creamy texture.

Top: Birdcage - This shade is in the Gypsy palette, which you apparently can't find like ANYWHERE anymore.
I love this shade, but unfortunately it doesn't have the best pigmentation or smoothest texture. But I'm willing to work with it to have that pretty muted lime green color.

Bottom: Gunner - This shade is also in the Gypsy palette.
This is a dark camo/hunter green with green/silver shimmer.
When I look at swatches of this online from the Gypsy palette, they all look like a satin shade and much more pigmented.
This shadow is chalky, has fall out, isn't pigmented how I'd like it to be, and is just a hot mess. This would have to definitely be the worst shadow in the palette, unfortunately.

Top: Galore - This shade is in the Little Sinner quad.
This is a basic shimmery champagne color, but you can never have enough of those, can you?!
Very nice pigmentation and texture.

Bottom: Hexagram - This is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
This reminds me a little bit of Plankton Glow from LaSplash. Its a nice medium brown with golden and slight green shifts in it. Its a really interesting shade, and I'm excited to play with it and make some cool looks! :)

Top: Arcadia - This is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
Its a bit like Instaglam in that its a light lilac. But this is a few shades darker and has golden shimmer, rather than silver.
Very buttery, too!

Bottom: Wonderland - This shade is in the Poetica palette.
Its a soft but dark plum with golden shimmer. Its pretty similar to the shade Blackhearts from the Candelabra palette.
You have to work with this shade a little bit. It isn't very smoothe, but I think that's what makes it such a soft color. It can be really nice though, if you aren't looking for a really intense eye look, and you just want a soft blended crease.

Top: Countess - This is a "Never Before Seen Shade".
Its a really buttery matte shade that is pretty much the exact same color as my skin LOL. So there really isn't much to say about it. xD

Bottom: WTF - This is in the Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition palette from two years ago.
Its a shimmery soft red, but isn't too similar to Stupid Autocorrect, which is nice. Its more "bright". Its also pretty smoothe in texture, as well.


Q: Would you recommend this palette?
A: Yes! But only if you like to play with color, and you like different finishes, and unique shades. Its a must have if you are a fan of the other Kat Von D makeup products.

Q: Is it worth the money?
A: I'd say so! The palette is $55, and there are 24 full-size eye shadows (they're 0.05 oz. each, which is the same as the True Romance palettes.) So that'd pretty much be $2.29 per eye shadow. In the True Romance palettes, there are only 8 colors, and it costs $36 (which would be $4.50 per eyeshadow.) So, you really are getting a good deal!

More Info:

Where to buy: ($55) http://www.sephora.com/spellbinding-eye-shadow-book-P382563?skuId=1525567

xoxo Brandi