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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nina Ultra Pro - Nail Enamel: Cobalt

Sallybeauty.com's description:

  • Professional salon formula
  • Long-wearing & Toulene free
  • Chip resistant with fiberglass hardeners

  • Ultra Pro Nail Lacquer offers the hottest shades of professional salon-formula, long-wearing, chip-resistant, fast drying, high gloss nail enamel to complement any mood. From radiant neons to classy reds, from glitzy glitter to frosted elegance.
     NEW and Improved Brush!!!"

    My thoughts:

    I really love this color of nail polish. It definitely reminds me of Pacific Blue from Sally Hansen. I wish this were just a LITTLE BIT more opaque. The only problem I have with it is that you can kindof see the line where the white part on your nail starts if you look closely. This nail polish also has a slightly weird smell, kindof like rotten eggs. But you can only smell it when you're like purposely smelling your nails LOL. I really do like the brush also! Its nice and big and flat. This polish lasted like most dark nail polishes on my nails. Even though I used the Fingerpaints basecoat and Revlon Gel top coat, it lasted on my nails for about 2 full days without ANY chips.

    Rating: Packaging - 5/5
    Longevity - 4/5
    Pigmentation - 4/5
    Application - 5/5
    Price - 4.5/5


    Where to buy:

    Sally's - http://www.sallybeauty.com/nail-polish/SBS-709221,default,pd.html


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