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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Coastal Scents - Hot Pots: Polar Bare

Coastalscents.com's description:

"pure, icy white hue with a matte finish"

Finish : Matte
Application : Sheer

"A 1-inch metal pan that contains a highly pigmented eye shadow for multiple applications. Each Coastal Scents Hot Pot™ fits snugly into our Go Pod, 4 Piece, 12 Piece, and 28 Piece Empty Magnetic Palettes. These custom palettes contain magnets in a soft foam padding which attract the metal pan of the Hot Pot™. This allows you to completely customize your palette to create any look by simply adding interchangeable Hot Pots™ from our vast collection of shades, hues, and finishes."

My thoughts:

These Hot Pots from Coastal Scents are a lot like MAC's eyeshadows, and maybe even better. They all have a creamy, soft texture, and most of them are HIGHLY pigmented.

I would agree that the application of this particular shade is sheer. However, I DO NOT agree that it has a matte finish. Its fairly shimmery in my opinion. There isn't glitter or sparkle, but it is definitely not matte. I love using this shade, though, for a brow bone and inner corner highlight.


Packaging - 5/5
Longevity - 5/5
Pigmentation - 3/5
Application - 5/5
Price - 5/5


Coastal Scents Polar Bare

Coastal Scents Polar Bare

Where to buy:
Polar Bare - http://www.coastalscents.com/makeup/palettes/custom-palettes/polarbare.html
Single Hot Pots/Empty Palettes - http://www.coastalscents.com/makeup/palettes/custom-palettes.html
ULTIMATE PALETTE - http://www.coastalscents.com/makeup/palettes/eye-palettes/ultimate252palette.html


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